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Participated in the National Cashflow Competition

Even though I was out during the first preliminary round, I still had fun during the competition and learned a lot more about the world of finance.

EAE Twitch.png

Streamed on Twitch

Started streaming in 2022, and now I have 65 followers and is in the affiliate program on Twitch which allows me to gain subscribers.

Started uploading videos on Youtube

On 15 January 2022, I uploaded my first video which is about a game called, Valorant montages which gain a total of 266 views a year ago. Now, I have a total of 18 subscribers and a total of 1007 views across 13 videos. Also, I recently uploaded a new video on 9 June 2023! I used a video editing software called DaVinci Resolve 18 and also use a website called pixlr to do my thumbnails.

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